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How do I register?

In the upper right corner of the page you have a Register iconAfter clicking it, you must fill in a form with your email address, your account password and a few personal data. Once you have filled it in and submitted it, you will receive a confirmation of your registration on our site in your email inbox.

If you have a Facebook account you can log in directly from Facebook, by clicking the Log in  icon (upper left corner).

Why should I register?

Once you are registered on our site, you have access to a complete range of information and services that will allow you to:

  • pay faster, without having to enter your personal data each time you place an order;
  • save multiple shipping addresses;
  • access your order history;
  • track new orders;
  • save items to your wish-list.

How do I order?

Via our shop, you can order online the products that you wish to purchase. Our payment methods are: payment on delivery, bank transfer or payment by bank card. Thus, you save money and time. On the webpage, each product is accompanied by an ”Add to cart” icon, which will add the selected product directly to your shopping cart. 

The shopping cart is permenently refreshed and it is visible in the menu bar in the top part of the web page, near the search icon. There you can:

  • modify the quantity of each ordered product;
  • see the total price of selected products;
  • remove a product from the cart (by pressing the iconor by filling in ”0” in the box for the number of items that you wish to order, followed by a click on the ”Update” icon).

When you wish to complete the order, click the ”Checkout ” icon. This step will redirect you to a window in which you can log on/register, and then you can choose the payment and product delivery method. After filling out all this information, you willl receive an email to confirm the order. Once these data have been filled in, they will remain registered in your account and you won’t have to re-enter them in case you place a new order, unless you chose to order without registration.

How is an order processed?

Orders are received and processed within one working day, by observing their chronological sequence. Once an order was completed, the server will block the stock of products chosen by you, which guarantees for you the actual existence of these products in the stock and their delivery as soon as possible. In the event of technical errors or problems that occurred after the order was completed, the customer will be informed by phone or by email of the existence of these errors or problems, as well as of the time necessary to solve them.

After completing the order, the customer will receive a confirmation email sent  to the address mentioned in the order form, which will also specify the status of the order, i.e. New. This status will be changed by the site administrator whenever it is necessary for each order (New and/or Received and/or Processing and/or Delivered and/or Cancelled and/or Refused), and each time the customer will be informed of this change of status via email.

What is the minimum value of an order?

The minimum value of an order is 15 RON.

Does the listed price include VAT?

Byzantion Cultural Association is a non-govenrmental organisation which does not pay VAT. Therefore, listed prices are final prices.

What are the accepted forms of payment?

For products ordered online on you can use any of the following forms of payment:

  • Payment on delivery – when picking up/receiving the parcel. Given that both the Romanian Postal Service and all domestic delivery companies charge a fee on payment on delivery (ranging from 5.00 RON to 20.00 RON, depending on the amount to be paid), our shop has set this fee for 6.00 RON, under the name of ”cash on delivery feeThis fee will be featured for each order for which payment on delivery was selected, before the total amount of the order. 
  • Online bank card payment – when processing payment, and accept the following bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron. The transaction descriptor on the customer’s bank statement –  the  transaction can be indentified under the name ”PlățiOnline”.
  • Bank transfer – if you have chosen this form of payment,  you will have to send the proof of paymemt by email to After receiving the proof, your order will be delivered on the same day or the next working day, at the latest.
  • PayPal – this method gives you two possibilities. You can either pay via a PayPal account (for more details, see ), or directly, via bank card (Paypal Credit Card).

What are the delivery methods?

I. National delivery - Romania

1.     Romanian Postal Service -  for orders placed before 3 pm, shortly after the confirmation of your order (3 - 5 days), you will receive a notification at the specified address, which will inform you of the arrival of the parcel in the postal office from your area. From that day on, you have 10 days to go to the postal office (with your identity card and, possibly, with the notification) to pick it up. If you failed to go to the post office within 10 days, the Romanian Postal Service returns the parcel to the sender.

Nota bene! Theow days of storage are fee. Beginning with day 3, the Postal Office charges a commission for any extra storage day. At the same time, there have been cases when, although the parcel had reached the post office, the notification had not reached the addressee. In order to prevent such unpleasant situations, you are kindly requested to check in person, within maximum 5 working days since your order has been confirmed, if your parcel has reached your local postal office.

2.     Express delivery – For orders received before 1 pm, product delivery is made within 24 hours and for orders registered after 2 pm, delivery is made within 48 hours. The parcel will reach the address mentioned in the order form and it will be handed to the addressee. You must specify a phone number in the order form, at which you can be contacted should this be necessary.

II. International delivery

A. Europe

1.Currier – Atlassib Mail:Our online shop delivers internationally through the Atlassib company in the following European countries: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, England and Switzerland. After the order has been  confirmed and the payment has been made (for international orders we only accept card or PayPal payment and bank transfer), the package will be sent to the closest Atlassib agency within 5-10 business days (see here the Atlassib Mail agancies in your country). When the package arrives, addressees will receive a notification SMS sent  to the phone number entered in the order form. Within 5 working days after receiving the SMS, the buyer must go to the Atlassib agency and present his or her ID card and the code received by SMS.

2. Door to door delivery  – GLS. Our store provides door to door international delivery as well, depending on the area to which the country of delivery belongs: Area 1 – Hungary (two working days); Area 2 – the Czech Republic (three working days); Slovenia (three-four working days); Slovakia (two working days);  Bulgaria (two working days); Serbia (three-four working days); Area 3 – Poland (three working days), Germany (four working days), Switzerland (four working days), Belgium (four working days), the Netherlands (four working days), Luxembourg (four working days), Liechtenstein (four working days), Austria (three working days), Italy (four-five working days), Croatia (four-five working days); Area 4 – Denmark (five working days), France (six working days), Great Britain (six working days), Ireland (six-seven working days), San Marino (four-five working days), Vatican (four-five working days), Monaco (five working days), Portugal (six-seven working days), Spain (six-seven working days, Canary Islands (six-seven working days); Area 5 – Greece (five-seven working days), Andora (six-eight working days), Gibraltar (six-eight working days), Sweden (five-six working days), Finland (seven working days), Norway (six-seven working days), Malta (seven-eight working days), Cyprus (seven-eight working days), Estonia (seven-eight working days), Lithuania (seven-eight working days), Latvia (seven-eight working days), Turkey (seven-eight working days).

B. U.S.A., Canada, Australia and Brazil

Delivery in these countries will be made through the Romanian Postal Services and the shipping costs may vary (depending on customs etc.)

C. The rest of the world

  For delivery in these regions of the world, please send us an email to We will reply you as soon as possible and we will do our best to send you the desired products.

What are the delivery costs?

I. Romania

1. Romanian Postal Service - 5.5 RON for the first kg, each additional kg will be charged with 2 RON. For orders over 390 RON, domestic delivery via the Romanian Postal Service is FREE.

*The cash on delivery fee is not included.

** The weight (in grams) is approximated. Thus, if your order weighs 780g, the shipping fee will be the same as for the first kg. If the weight is 1.005g, the shipping fee will be as high as for 2 kg.

2. By Express delivery providers- 19.00 RON/first kg. Any extra kg will be charged 1.5 RON. Nota Bene! For locations that are not covered by Urgent Curier, there will be an additional fee of 1.00 RON per extra km. The customer will be informed by phone or e-mail of this additional fee after the dispatch of the order.

See here if your localion is covered by UrgentCurier.


1.      Express delivery- Atlassib Post (parcel pick up in the agency) – 90 RON (20 EUR) / package up to 10 kg. Any extra kg is charged 12.00 RON (1.60 EUR).

2.      GLS express delivery company (home delivery) – delivery costs are calculated according to package weight, country of delivery and fuel index. For more details visit the official website of GLS Romania.

III. U.S., Canada, Australia and Brazil

            Delivery costs are calculated according to package weight and country of delivery. Customs duties are not included.